What We Do


Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping delivers high-quality mobile LiDAR scans.

Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping

Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping uses cutting-edge LiDAR technology to accurately survey terrain and infrastructure elements. In a single survey pass, the technology can create a highly detailed three-dimensional representation of the surrounding environment. Although commonly mounted onto trucks to scan roadways, Nektar 3D scanning equipment can fit onto any moving vehicle or platform, including ATV, rail and boat.

About Nektar 3D

Nektar 3D is split into two entities (Mobile Mapping and Consulting). The mobile mapping side is dedicated to collection and post processing of mobile LiDAR data while the Consulting side focused on advanced processing and feature extraction from mobile LiDAR point clouds for transportation applications. This combination helps ensure that clients are not only able to collect mobile LiDAR data, but also able to fully utilize the datasets for different purposes and across different departments.

For more information about Nektar3D’s feature extraction services, visit the Nektar 3D Consulting website.