Surface Management


Utilize the millimeter-level accuracy of the LiDAR point clouds in estimating construction quantities and surface management strategies


Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping’s LiDAR data collection makes topographical surveys simple and efficient. The scans generate a highly detailed three-dimensional representation of your selected area, making it ideal for earth moving quantification. LiDAR enables you to assess the surface volume before and after a soil or clay lift to easily determine how much material has been deposited, helping to expedite the construction process. 

If you’re looking to cover a large area quickly or if you have a short window of opportunity to survey, mobile LiDAR makes it possible to survey your job site at driving speeds without compromising the integrity or accuracy of the data.

Nektar 3D’s Mobile Mapping system is capable of providing an exceptionally detailed point cloud with a densities reaching thousands of points per square meter.  These point clouds can be used to document the most minute changes in topography, in a fraction of the time required in traditional surveys, which makes it a cost-effective and more reliable method of data collection for owners and site managers.


Construction Quantity Assessment

To meet the requirements of construction quality, Nektar 3D provides high-quality data to detail site conditions pre, during, and post-construction. The combination of high-quality LiDAR scans and panoramic imagery provide you with the detail needed to understand pre-construction conditions. This is useful both to track conditions prior to starting construction and to coordinate construction without the need for continual site visits.

During construction, consistent LiDAR scans can be utilized to track construction progress, including completed work and construction quantities all within a single survey pass. Additionally, LiDAR scans can be used to proactively anticipate needed earthwork or pavement quantities.

Finally, when scanned again post-construction, Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping’s LiDAR scans can also be used to identify locations where settlement, erosion, or other site condition changes could have occurred. This assists to better report whether these settlements are the result of specific construction activity.

Before Paving

After Paving