Overhead Assets


Locate, map, and assess a variety of overhead assets along your transportation network.


Locating overhead assets including power lines, bridges and overhead signs is essential for transportation agencies interested in creating a database of overhead assets, agencies interested in routing overheight vehicles, or utility companies inventorying power line infrastructure.

At Nektar 3D Consulting we automatically process your LiDAR scans to detect all overhead assets that exist along your roadway. Extracted information includes the exact location of each assets and a preliminary clearance estimate in the lane of analysis. We are also capable of automatically classifying your assets into bridges and non-bridges for further assessment.

    The extracted information can be delivered in multiple formats including:


      Spreadsheets listing all overhead assets (.csv)


      KML files of all overhead assets (.kml)

      Shapefiles of all overhead assets (.shp)

      If you are interested in assessing clearance at multiple locations at bridges and other overhead assets, please visit our Bridge Clearance Assessment page.