Roadway Design Elements


Enhance transportation design with advanced detail about the pre-existing conditions of your transportation network.


At Nektar 3D Consulting we work with our clients to utilize LiDAR datasets for the extraction of geometric design elements. We provide automated extraction and assessment services of roadway alignments, cross-sections, sight distances and much more. This helps our clients go beyond simple asset extraction to fully utilize their datasets for engineering design purposes.

Road Cross Section Assessment

We provide automated extraction and assessment services for roadway cross-sections and their attributes. Beneficial during both pre- and post-construction stages, such information gives agencies critical information on roadway slopes, super-elevation rates, and roadway drainage capabilities.


Bridge Clearance Assessment

Accurate clearance measurements at bridge structures prevent the high cost of damages and potential injury due to potential collisions. At Nektar 3D Consulting we provide efficient clearance assessment services at bridges ranging from automatically obtaining preliminary clearance estimates to producing detailed maps of clearance information.


Sight Distance Assessment

Roadways are designed to ensure that the sight distance available to drivers meets their needs. At Nektar 3D Consulting we work with transportation agencies and consulting firms to efficiently assess available sight distance using virtual LiDAR scans.


Road Surface Assessment

Road pavement conditions impact ride quality and the service life of a roadway. At Nektar 3D Consulting we work with clients to automatically extract and assess road surfaces from their LiDAR point clouds. This helps create a virtual representation of the road surface…