Road Cross Section Assessment


Flexible extraction of road cross sections along a variety of road segments.


Cross section information is important for documenting pre- and post-construction conditions, producing as-built drawings, and simple slope assessments. Timely detection of deficiencies in roadway slopes helps overcome drainage problems before accumulating water impacts pavement integrity.

Conventional techniques used to assess cross sectional slopes are tedious, time consuming, and unsafe. At Nektar 3D Consulting we efficiently extract cross section and slope information from your LiDAR datasets and deliver the information in the format you desire. This helps you survey cross sections along hundreds of kilometers of roadway in a few hours.

    Extracted cross section information is delivered in multiple formats including:


    Spreadsheets for each cross section (.csv)


    Design files of each cross section (.dxf, .pdf)


    LiDAR files of each cross section (.las)


    Lists of all cross section stations in multiple formats (.csv, .kml, and .shp)

    Slope Estimation

    Nektar 3D Consulting’s automated cross-section extraction processes can assess the cross slopes and side slopes at multiple stations on a given roadway segments. Easily applicable on a network level, the assessment of roadway cross sections provides confidence in the state of the current roadway geometry.