Transportation Asset Extraction


Locate, map, and assess a variety of transportation assets.


Whether it is traffic signs, utility poles, overhead objects or other roadway assets, Nektar 3D Consulting extracts this information from LiDAR scans in a timely and efficient manner. The extractions can be performed on kilometres of highway in a few hours. Thanks to algorithms developed in-house, asset information that would typically take months to collect is available in a few days.

Traffic Signs

We help you utilize your LiDAR scans to create a full inventory of traffic signs and their attributes. Our in-house processes are used to automatically inventory traffic signs on a network level, giving you a comprehensive inventory of signage along your roadways.


Roadside Assets

We provide automated extraction and inventory services for other roadside assets.  This includes utility poles, roadside barriers, and other nonground objects. Efficient extraction of such information gives you a complete understanding of assets…


Overhead Assets

We provide automated extraction services of overhead assets from LiDAR point clouds. This makes information about all overhead assets including bridges and powerlines readily available to transportation agencies. The detection also…