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Network Level

Tailored Solutions


Our Extraction Procedures

At Nektar 3D Consulting we utilize tools of machine learning, planimetrics, image analysis, and advances statistical pattern recognition techniques  to automatically extract information for LiDAR point clouds.

Our Feature Extraction Algorithms are based on academically-reviewed big data processing techniques, which are developed in-house. 

Partnering with Nektar 3D Consulting provides you with the support required to fully utilize you LiDAR datasets across all departments.


Fully Automated

The engineers at Nektar 3D Consulting strive to deliver world-class automated LiDAR processing techniques, ensuring the highest accuracy with the lowest time investment.

Unlike most existing LiDAR data processing software, all our feature extractions and geometric assessments are performed in a timely and fully-automated manner, requiring minimal user interaction.

The automation provided by our in-house techniques leaves our engineers with more time to ensure the quality and accuracy of your project assessments.

Network Level Assessments

Why risk project delays, work-zone conflicts, and road closure  when a single LiDAR-based assessment can provide more accurate information on a larger scale?

The automated in-house LiDAR processes at Nektar 3D Consulting can be used to perform province-wide extractions in a timely manner.

Whether it be multiple roadway segments or a highway spanning hundreds of kilometers, we provide unattended feature extraction services that can be implemented on a large scale without the frustrations associated with managing huge LAS files.


Tailored Solutions

Does your project require a custom application for LiDAR processing outside of traditional transportation asset and design assessments?

The same state-of-the-art LiDAR processing techniques which fuel our other applications can be adapted to meet your custom, project specific needs.

Our team of engineers is capable of developing customized algorithms and procedures to extract user-specified features. Contact us today to begin your custom consultation with our engineering team.