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Advanced LiDAR-based Feature Extraction and Geometric Assessments

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Nektar 3D Consulting provides LiDAR-based consulting services to transportation agencies and engineering consultants. We work with clients to provide processes through which they could fully utilize LiDAR data for different applications. 



Nektar 3D Urban LiDAR Consulting Attributes

Feature Extraction

The Benefits

Why Nektar 3D Consulting?

Nektar 3D Consulting is home to a team of engineers who are well versed in processing point cloud data for transportation engineering applications. Our procedures are fully automated and can be utilize to extract multiple features on a large scale. 

Nektar 3D Consulting Fully Automated

Fully Automated

Feature extraction and geometric assessments are performed in a timely and fully-automated manner, requiring minimal user interaction.

Nektar 3D Consulting Network Level


Feature extraction and assessment procedures are applied on a large scale, providing details for the entire transportation network.

Nektar 3D Consulting Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

Our team of engineers is capable of developing customized algorithms and procedures to extract user-specified features.

The Attributes

Extracted Information

Nektar 3D Consulting’s data extraction algorithms can be used to extract multiple attributes and design elements from your mobile LiDAR point clouds. This ranges from inventory of traffic sign information to advanced sight distance assessments.

Nektar 3D Consulting Transportation Asset Extraction

Transportation Asset Extraction

Use your point clouds to populate your database with information about critical transportation infrastructure assets.


Nektar 3D Consulting Roadway Design Elements

Roadway Design Elements

Rapid high-density data collection produces detailed point clouds to better highlight your assets.



Mobile LiDAR datasets could be used across a range of applications within a transportation agency. At Nektar 3D Consulting our aim is to ensure that your LiDAR scans are fully utilised across different departments, for different projects, and during different stages of a project.


Nektar 3D Consulting Roundabout Mobile LiDAR

Have your own LiDAR data?

Our team has experience processing point clouds collected using most current mobile laser scanning systems in the market today including Leica, REIGL, Teledyne Optech and others. We also have experience extracting information from data collected in different countries around the world including Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Whether you are a consultant, transportation agency, LiDAR scanning firm, or even a laser scanning vendor, Nektar 3D Consulting can work with you on fully utilizing your mobile LiDAR point clouds for transportation applications. Contact us now for more information or to book a demo.

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