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Why Nektar 3D?

Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping services help overcome common challenges associated with traditional survey methods. Using Nektar 3D unique dual-head laser scanning system, a dataset that would normally take weeks to collect using traditional survey methods can be delivered at a higher level of precision and accuracy within a few days. This improves project workflow and enhance productivity. Depending on your needs, we also offer more in-depth feature extraction and analysis which can be delivered as reports or drawings.


Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping is the proven solution for accurate 3D mapping. Nektar’s high-precision laser scanning equipment has a scan rate of 2 million points per second, resulting in a density of up to 1,500 points per square metre. This creates a much more detailed point cloud compared to most aerial LiDAR scanners.


Using Nektar 3D’s technology, only a single survey pass at traffic speeds is required to create a highly detailed model of your jobsite in real time. Our staff can collect, process and deliver final datasets within days. In addition, to the point cloud, the scan also produces fully integrated 360 degree imagery of the scanned region.


Mobile mapping allows for a single data collection vehicle to safely and efficiently capture data in real time. This not only significantly reduces the time on site, but it also eliminates the need for a large crew to be deployed along busy highways or in other unsafe environments. All this is achieved without sacrificing the quality of the data.