Sight Distance Assessment


Measure passing, stopping, and intersection sight distances with detailed context about the transportation environment.


At Nektar 3D Consulting, we work with transportation agencies to assess sight distance requirements on roadways using LiDAR scans in a fully automated manner. This helps assess sight distance information along hundreds of kilometers of highway in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

    We are capable of quantifying the available sight distance information along roadway corridors and at intersections, facilitating efficient assessment of Stopping Sight Distance (SSD), Passing Sight Distance (PSD), and Intersection Sight Distance (ISD). This helps agencies identify locations where sight distance limitations exist without the need for long site visits or the need to manually review dated design drawings.

        Available sight distance information is delivered in multiple formats including plots, charts, and spreadsheets. We are also capable of producing design drawings of roadway profiles from the LiDAR point clouds.