Bridge Clearance Assessment


Measure vertical bridge clearance with more detail than ever before.


Bridge structures play a critical role in permitting the safe passage of multi-directional traffic but also pose a potential hazard to larger commuter and commercial traffic. Accurate clearance measurements prevent the high cost of damages and potential injury related to vehicle-bridge collisions.

At Nektar 3D Consulting we work with our clients to perform detailed vertical clearance assessments at bridge structures using virtual LiDAR scans. This is achieved by automatically measuring the vertical clearance across all locations beneath a bridge structure.


    The assessments could be performed at multiple lanes beneath the structure or delivered as a contour map of clearance at all locations beneath the bridge, which provides a complete picture of the clearance profile.

    Such information is critical for agencies interested in:


      Routing oversized commercial vehicles


      Performing routine bridge inspections


      Detecting changes in clearance after other construction is complete