What We Do


Nektar 3D Consulting is a LiDAR-based Engineering Consultant 

Nektar 3D Consulting

Nektar 3D Consulting Inc. utilizes machine learning tools, planimetrics, and advanced statistical pattern recognition techniques to process mobile LiDAR point clouds for transportation agencies and engineering consultants all around the world. The algorithms developed by Nektar 3D Consluting’s team can be utilised for fully automated, network-level extraction of roadside features as well as advanced assessment of roadway design elements.  

About Nektar 3D

Nektar 3D is split into two different entities (Mobile Mapping and Consulting). The Mobile Mapping side is dedicated to collecting mobile LiDAR data while the Consulting side focused on advanced processing and feature extraction from the point clouds for transportation applications. This combination helps ensure that clients are not only able to collect mobile LiDAR data, but also able to fully utilize the datasets for different purposes and across different departments. 

For more information about LiDAR data collection services, visit the Nektar 3D Mobile Mapping website.